Red Shoe Project, an organization started by Hanover High School sophomore Eric Lakomek, collects athletic shoes and equipment to provide to less fortunate children and teens.

“I noticed that a lot of kids in the Cedar Lake, Indiana community didn’t have sports equipment to play with, so I decided to collect it and pass it out to the families so that underprivileged kids could have the opportunity to play like I can,” said Lakomek. The project has provided equipment for Cedar Lake Little League, as well as basketballs and soccer balls for Cedar Lake’s Jane Ball Elementary School.

One of Lakomek’s goals with the Red Shoe Project is to see it expand outside of the Hanover community.

Giving back to others isn’t a new concept for Lakomek. In addition to expanding the Red Shoe Project, Lakomek hopes to one day become a doctor. He began the project the summer of his freshman year in honor of his grandmother, AnnaFaye Beard.

“Every year, my grandma used to buy me red baseball shoes, and she passed away. In memory of her, I named it the Red Shoe Project,” stated Lakomek, who to this day is still the only baseball player on the field who wears red shoes.